Cannabis Industry


Marijuana cultivators, harvesters, extractors, laboratories, dispensaries, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are required to adhere to all regulations established by their state legislation. This includes OSHA regulation and safety and health best practices.

There are various types of occupational hazards encountered in this industry. These hazards can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Biological Hazards such as mold sensitizers/allergens
  2. Chemical Hazards such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, pesticides, disinfectants/cleaning chemicals and nutrients and corrosive chemicals; and
  3. Physical Hazards such as ergonomics, electrical, noise, powered industrial trucks (forklifts), machines and hand tools, confined spaces (tanks).

PHASE Associates can help you to:

  • Recognize occupational health hazards that might be present in your facility.
  • Provide recommendations for engineering and personal protective equipment controls that can help eliminate or reduce hazards.
  • Develop written workplace safety and health programs.
  • Provide worker safety training programs.

Our expertise includes:

Hazard Communication Plan and Right to Know (cleaning and disinfecting chemicals such as bleach)
Hearing Conservation Plan (noisy equipment)
Personal Protection Equipment Plan and Assessment
Respiratory Protection Plan
-Lockout/Tagout (high pressure machinery such as extractors, grinders, trimming machines or wood chippers)
-Emergency Action Plan
-Fire Prevention Plan

-Spill Response
-Emergency Response
-Powered Industrial Truck (forklift) and evaluation
-Respiratory protection
-Lockout/Tag out
-Machine Guarding
-Electrical Safety Awareness/ARC Flash
-Personal Protection Equipment