Manufacturing COVID-19 Resources

We can develop tailored COVID-19 health and safety COVID-19 Back-to-Work program including training for all types of manufacturing companies. We can help you implement the engineering and administrative controls required for a healthy and safe workplace. At the minimum, we can provide the following:

  • Create a COVID-19 assessment and control plan
  • COVID-19 Back to Work Written Program
  • Training for best practices such as social distancing, handwashing, and how to disinfect high touch areas.
  • Thermometer Screening
  • Social Distancing guidelines and procedures
  • Cleaning and sanitizing training for housekeeping/janitorial/facilities maintenance Respirator Fit Testing and Respirator Protection Training
  • PPE Training
  • Hazcom Training for disinfectants for cleaning

Many government and industry organizations have published guidelines and best practices for construction employers to provide a safe and healthy workplace.  Contact Gary Schwartz or Ken Bickerton for information on how we can develop a comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control plan.

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