Industrial Hygiene

IH Training_214182613Asbestos Awareness
The program is designed for those affected employees associated with actual or potential asbestos exposure, the manner by which exposure may occur and procedures that can be followed to protect themselves and others inside a regulated area(s).

Attendees are instructed on the identification of biological materials being used, risk evaluation for the potential in personnel exposure or environmental contamination, blood borne pathogen exposure and post-exposure, Hepatitis vaccination program, design of written policies and programs, and review to determine the effectiveness of these programs. This training program will cover the provisions under the Federal OSHA Blood borne Pathogens regulations.

Hazard Communications
Attendees are taught the physical and chemical hazards inherent in the use of chemicals, the ways that this information can be obtained and how to use this information to safely handle chemicals in their workplace. They will also be instructed on all the new OSHA provisions developed for the Globalized and Harmonized System (GHS).

Indoor Air Quality Building Management
Building managers and maintenance engineers are taught the latest techniques in developing and implementing maintenance procedures designed to ensure occupant health and comfort.

Lead Awareness
Attendees are instructed on the health hazards of lead, good and best work practices, PPE and engineering controls. All will follow applicable training provisions of the OSHA Lead construction standard.

Respiratory Protection
Attendees will learn about the appropriate respiratory protection for the contaminants they may encounter and how they can protect themselves with the use of the proper respirator. Course will review written respirator programs, selection, use maintenance & storage. Full face, one half face & air supplied respirator types will be covered. Attendees will be properly fit tested and fit sealed for a respirator. All attendees will be shown the use the quantitative & qualitative respirator fit test methods.