Compressed Gas and Breathing Air Testing

PHASE Associates conducts compressed gas and breathing air Champion35TestKit2quality testing for their clients.
The purpose of this testing is to protect workers from contamination who use supplied air respirators for working environments that may but not limited to include manufacturing clean rooms, paint spraying and sand blasting. It also protects against environments that manufacture food, pharmaceutical and related products.

Contamination may occur because Carbon monoxide and/or hydrocarbons can be drawn into the compressor intake from nearby operations (e.g. forklifts, delivery trucks, process exhausts). In addition, repairs, maintenance and other activities can introduce contaminants (e.g. oil, solvents) into the respirator system.

Testing is required to demonstrate compliance with the OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.134(i). As specified in the regulation, compressed breathing air shall meet at least the requirements for Grade D breathing air described in ANSI/Compressed Gas Association Commodity Specification for Air, G-7.1-1989. Companies test to confirm that the compressed air is free of air contaminants such as carbon monoxide, oil and particulates and odors. PHASE Associates guarantees OSHA 1910.134 CGA G7.1 Grade D Commodity Specification for Air.

The laboratory that we work with for the test kits and laboratory results is TRI Air Testing, Inc. and they are AIHA Accredited Laboratory and ANSI/ISO/ASQ 9001-2008 & ISO 17025-2005 Compliant. This laboratory is well known for their third party analytical testing specializing in respirator supplied breathing air and compressed air used in mechanical equipment/processing.